V World Congress of Medical Sexology

The V World Congress of Medical Sexology will have for

Virtual Rooms


  1. Conference Room A

Video Conferences in English made by speakers invited by the Scientific/ Organizing Committee. Drs. Nobre, Gheiler, Bianco Sylvester, Coleman, Perito, Incrocci, Bianco Jr and McMahon

  1. Conference Room B

Video Conferences in Spanish made by speakers invited by the Scientific/ Organizing Committee. Drs. Kusnetzoff, Cabello, Cedres, Venegas, Saffon, Hernandez, Garcia y Rubio Aurioles

  1. Clinical Communication Gallery Room C

Clinical Communications presented in English or Spanish.

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  1. Conference Bonus Room D

Video Conferences in English or Spanish made by International speakers.

So far Drs. Farre, Montejo, Molero, Murillo, Granero, Ardila, Belen, Valente, Sapetti, Moles, Luca, Navarro, Rodriguez, Quintero, Buitrago, Boscán.

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All conferences and presentation have a Chat facility for question and answers and will be ON LINE up to Jan 31. 2018


After Registrations you will get the links and your user and Password.


      Luz Jaimes, MD


      Organizing Committee

 V World Congress of Medical Sexology
   Dr, León Roberto Gindin
    Nov 16 and 17. 2017


The Practice of Clinical Sexology


The Executive Committee of the World Association of Medical Sexology has decided to organize the Fifth World Congress of Medical Sexology using the ON LINE Mode. Economic reasons and the existing technology indicate that this methodology is the one that best adjusts to the current reality.

The CE and the CC of the WAMS together with the CO and the CC of the Fifth World Congress decided to designate as EPONIMO the main event of the institution to Dr. Leon Roberto Gindín.
Conferences and Clinical Communications will be posted ON LINE after the V World Congress until  January 31.2018. An Interactive Chat for questions and answer will be available.
The certificate of participation will be sent ONLINE.  Has been granted 5 units / credit


There will be eight lectures in Spanish and eight in English.
Each conference will be pre-recorded and the author can be contacted after the conference for questions and opinions via Skipe, WhatsApp or Periscope

Presentations related to clinical situations will be accepted and published online. Authors can be contacted via whatsApp for questions and opinions.
Presentations can have up to 4 pages. Those attending the V Congress can analyze them and contact the authors via digital.
Presentations will be received until October 1, 2017.

Each Lecturer should send a summary of their conference, no more than one page. You should put the phone and social networks.
Deadline: October 1, 2017.

8 additional Conferences Bonus will be put in the WEB from nov 17 to dic 31.2018