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Based on World Bank Classification

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After paying the registration will be sent to your e-mail the codes to enter the WEB of the V Congress.

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To Pay

For Europe:
Transfer or Deposit in:
Asociacion Mundial de Sexologia Medica
CTA: 2103 0250 24 0030007098
IBAN ES89 2103 0250 24 0030007098
Alameda Principal, 21-2 Pta 204

For the rest of the World.
Transfer o Deposit in

BBT Bank.
Beneficiary: Bianco Postgraduate University LLC
Account Number: 1100005796510
ABA/Route Number : 2631 9138 7
6202 S. Dixie Highway
South Miami, FL 33143
Branch: (305)-663-0520

You can open an account at (which is simple, easy and fast) and PAY with transfer from your account to the World Association of Medical Sexology account which is: A12B_c24.